Janus R Nielsen

Janus R. Nielsen

always strive for more
always strive to improve
always strive for perfection
... and don't ever be satisfied


July – 01 – 2013 – MYMobileSecurity sold!

MYMobileSecurity, MMS, a company I founded in 2009 has been sold to MGS Corporation Plc. I am very proud of what we have achieved with MYMobileSecurity over the past years. In an extremely competitive and explosively growing marked, we have managed to become one of the recognized worldwide leaders in Mobile and Smartphone security. At peak times we got more than 100.000 new users per week and have all in all approx. 10.000.000 users. We have received lots of “Best in test” awards with our first product MYAndroidProtection. We have signed contracts with some of Europe's largest mobile operators and
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